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Buying, Cooking and Storing Fish

Martin Shanahan offers his top tips for choosing and preparing fresh fish

To Cook

Buying Fish:

  • Talk to your fishmonger, they are experts and will be able to advise as to what fish is plentiful and value for money.
  • Your fishmonger will be happy to bone, fillet or skin fish for you.
  • Choose whole fish with bright, prominent shining eyes, bright red or pink gills, distinct skin colour and above all a clean fresh ‘sea smell’.
  • Fillets should be translucent with no sign of discolouration.
  • Fish is very versatile and one type can easily be swapped for another in a recipe.


Cooking Fish:

Fish cooks quickly, be careful not to spoil it by overcooking it.

When cooked, fish loses its translucent look and will flake easily.

A good rule of thumb when cooking fish is to allow 10 minutes per 2.5cm of thickness. Increase or reduce the time depending on the thickness of the piece of fish you are cooking.


Storing Fish:

Get the fish into the fridge as soon as possible – remember its highly perishable and must be kept cool.

If it is packed in special foil wrapping do not remove the packaging before putting into the fridge. Otherwise remove the wrapping, place on a plate and cover loosely with foil.

Fresh fish in good condition and properly stored should last a day or two after purchase.

Fresh white fish can be frozen for a maximum of six months.

If freezing oil-rich fish it is best to use it within three months.



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